Dreamer Forge Knives books are closed and not taking orders at this time. Thanks, Vince

Kitchen Knives

Designed with functionality and edge retention in mind. They are a great addition to the home kitchen or professional kitchens alike.

Custom Kitchen Knives

Hunting Knives

My hunting knives are the results of my 20 years of hunting experience and the feedback or numerous hunters I have served over the years. They are truly working pieces of art.

Custom Hunting Knives

Fillet Knives

The fillet knives have been shaped by the fisherman and boat captains of the Chesapeake Bay. They are workhorses with incredible edge retention that will cut through the toughest fish. My test blades were never returned and are still hard at work today.

Custom Fillet Knives

EDC Knives

Designed to be light and fast. They are meant to be both a garment and a rugged tool. No one knows the value of carrying a knife until they have one on their hip.

Custom EDC Knives

100% Custom Builds

Looking for something with your own personal touch? I love a challenge.
Allow me to bring your concept to reality

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