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EDC Knives

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The Straightback

The Straightback is a 5" midnight blade for those whom prefer to carry a heavier duty blade. The blade is strong and capable of carrying out heavy duty tasks. The scalloped handle allows for a secure grip in all conditions. The scalloped handle has a rough finish (220 grit) for improved grip. This knife is also available with a smooth handle for those who prefer a more traditional look.

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The EDC Hunter

The EDC Hunter is a 4" mid-weight drop point designed to withstand the tough tasks hunters submit their knives to. The drop point makes it great for field dressing yet it has enough of a belly to also be used as a skinner. The medium weight makes it easy to carry in the field and even as an everyday carry should you choose to do so.

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The EDC Skinner

The EDC Skinner is one of my most versatile knives. It was originally designed as a skinner but I find that many customers use it as an everyday carry (EDC). It is small, light and less intimidating than other full tang knives. It is also a great purse knife providing a lot of utility and protection should the need arise.

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The Mosquito

The Mosquito is a great option for those whom prefer a fixed blade but must carry it discreetly. The knife and sheath are designed to fit flat in your pocket. Once in your pocket they are truly invisible. The blade is roughly 1.5 inches long. The ring handle allows for a secure hold. Do not be fooled by the small size. this little guy is capable of doing a lot of work!

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