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Kitchen Knives

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This 9" Gyuto is the kitchen workhorse. If you can only afford one kitchen knife buy this knife. it is large and rugged enough to perform almost all heavy-duty tasks in the kitchen yet sharp and light enough to manage many tasks that require fine motor skills. The knife is properly balanced to minimize fatigue and its edge will remain razor sharp longer than your average knife.

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Classic German

The 8" German pattern is widely used for home cooking. It is the "Western" style knife most people are used to. The shorter blade can be easier to handle for less experienced cooks. However, in the hands of an experienced cook, this knife can work wonders. This knife is a great choice for home and commercial applications alike.

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Utility Knife

The 6" utility knife or mini chef is the most widely used in my kitchen. mainly, because everybody uses it! It is a comfortable size for my kids, it handles most of the smaller task extremely well, and let's face it, you don't need a 9" Gyuto to cut a sandwich.

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Sumo Santoku

The Sumo Santoku is my personal favorite. The blade has a flat area for chopping and a generous belly for rocking. it is great for chopping herbs and it is also a fantastic scoop! This knife packs a ton of utility. From cutting, to chopping, to mincing, to scooping, even as a spatula, this is my Swiss Army knife in the kitchen.

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The Nakiri is a fantastic vegetable knife. The blade profile is thin which allows it to cut even hard vegetables with ease. I first made this knife several years ago because it was the "in thing" among chefs. Then I realized how useful this blade can be. If you are vegetarian or consume a lot of vegetables, this is a must in your kitchen.

Note: This knife is not a cleaver. It is not meant chop bone. This knife-edge has a very thin profile for cutting hard root vegetables without cracking them.

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Boning Knife

Dreamer Forge's theme is "field to table". This knife is fantastic for breaking game down, deboning or Frenching rib roasts at home. I enjoy butchering and breaking down whole animals. This knife is my go-to on butcher day. Oh, it can even be used as a fillet knife in a pinch!

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Curved Fillet Knife

The 9" fillet knife is my solution to a one knife shop. It is short enough to fillet panfish, yet large enough to handle a trophy Striped Bass or a tuna. This knife is ergonomically designed for maximum control even in wet conditions. The knife in this picture is my personal knife!

Note: This is a stiff blade (my personal preference). If you want to know why I make a stiff fillet knife, give me a call. I will tell you about it.

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Paring Knife

The paring knife is a must in every kitchen. It has so many uses and it is a great knife to teach little hands how to properly use a knife. This knife can be used to decorate fruits and vegetables, clean vegetables or it can even be used as a boning knife when the need arises.

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